The Best Thing About Your Muskoka Cottage “To-Do” List

The wonderful thing about visiting the cottage is that there really isn’t anything you have to do.

At Aisling Lakehouse you get everything you need to experience true cottage living at it’s best. Our Muskoka cottage rental property serves up the traditional Northern Ontario cottage activities and provides you with all the amenities needed to enjoy them. (Check out our “How-to-Guide for Cottage Activities at Aisling Lakehouse”) For those wishing to explore Muskoka beyond our cottage property, there are many things to do nearby in the beautiful Parry Sound, Ontario.

Yes, as for your cottage “to-do” list, it’s pretty short. There are just four main things to focus on while you’re here. Read on to find why this list is so great.

Your To-Do List


Relax. Aisling Lakehouse feels like the family cottage. Comfortable, fully-equipped, and properly appointed, our Muskoka cottage rental immediately welcomes and sets you at ease. You’re at home yet you have the peace of mind knowing that, as the guest, there’s no maintentance work to be done. Your only job is to enjoy. In fact, the lake house hosts are instantly available to make sure that happens. All you have to do is sit back and soak up the beautiful surroundings.


Refresh. Immersing yourself in nature brings peace, tranquility, and strength. When you visit Aisling Lakehouse you are given complete access to private Aikman Lake, extensive trails, and thousands of acres of private woodlands.  So enjoy. Take a hike, get in a kayak, or just sit on the porch and breath in Muskoka.  Let the clean air, the fresh pure water, the trees, the earth, and the sunshine refresh you.  


Reconnect. One of the main reasons Muskoka cottages exist is to offer families a place to spend quality time with loved ones. Our lake house sleeps up to 26 people and is the perfect place to spend time together in one place.  Did you know that relaxing and having fun is actually one of the best ways to strengthen relationships and solidify bonds with others?  We hope you’ll seek out some good opportunities for relationship-building; but just being quiet with each other around is good, too.  Togetherness at the cottage goes a long way toward connecting you with the people you care about–and that’s something you can take with you even after you leave Muskoka and the cottage.

cottage_refocusRefocus. Spending time at our rental cottage also helps you to refocus.  When you’re at Aisling, there’s no one else around. There are no other sounds to be heard other than the one’s you’ve brought with you. This gives you an opportunity to step back and reflect on where you are where you want to be. We hope you will take advantage of these rare moments in life. Nature has a way of penetrating the heart and the mind to accomplish a deep work within us. Let it happen.

The best thing about this “to-do list” is that there’s lots to do but nothing at all you have to do. When your list is done you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, reconnected, and refocused.

Have You Completed Your “To-Do List”?

If you’ve stayed with us and completed the above list, we’d love to hear from you. Please tell us about your experience on our Facebook Page.

If you haven’t reserved your spot for the upcoming season at Aisling Lakehouse, that’s something to put on your to-do list for today! Check our availability.


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