Magdalena Tarko, Yoga With Me, will help you discover pranayama ‘breath control’ yogic discipline with origins in ancient India;  through this workshop you will get familiar with breathing techniques to balance your body and mind .. bring a notebook and a pen to take notes as this workshop is educational and fun! You will discover the power of your breath. Know your Dosha by taking prakriti quiz to discover your constitution at . Prakriti is your basic constitution it relates to your genetically inherited physical and emotional qualities .

Morning Yoga: Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga, where we will wake up the bodies with gentle flow through Namaskars . The class will leave you full of energy ready for the day . All levels

Evening Yoga: ‘Gentle Hip Opening and Core Strengthening Yoga class’ starting with pranayama, and finished with guided meditation . Soothing fun entry body and mind before you drift off to sleep . All levels