The Lakehouse – Your Private Ontario Vacation Rental for Groups

Are you looking for an Ontario vacation rental for your whole group or family?


Our all-season vacation rental is the perfect place to relax, refresh, reconnect, and refocus with the important people in your life. And with three separate but adjoining cottages, the Aisling Lakehouse has room for everyone.

It’s rare to find waterfront vacation property that can accommodate up to 24 people comfortably—especially one that is as private and as authentically Canadian as ours. It’s rarer yet to find Muskoka cottages for rent that offer guests the option of retreating into their own quiet space while still staying together as a group.

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The Family Cottage. The Honeymoon Chalet. The Knotty Pine Cabin

Our 3-in-1 waterfront cottage is made up three inter-connected but self-contained private units: the Family Cottage, the Knotty Pine Cabin, and the Honeymoon Chalet. Each unit contains a fully-stocked kitchen, living room, dining area—as well as a bathroom and bedroom(s) complete with linens. All units share porch and deck space and can also open to adjoining units to allow guests free and easy access among living spaces.

Enjoy being together when you want to be and apart when you need to be.


 A Vacation Rental By Owner With a True Muskoka Flair

This vacation rental property offers true Ontario cottage living within a world that is wholly Muskoka.
The lakehouse was originally built by a Canadian trapper and his son who wanted to soak up everything nature has to offer. It is perched on a hill overlooking the private Aikman Lake and backs onto thousands of acres of uninhabited Crown territory. Trees , boulders, and wildlife are everywhere. Unless you turn up the music or pull out the ukulele, the only things you’ll hear are brought to you from nature.

When you step inside the cottage you see that the natural woodlands have made their way inside. Stair cases, bed frames, stone work and other unique accents adorn each living space. They have been handcrafted by local artisans using natural materials taken right from the property grounds. Each piece with its own story.

Even with these natural elements it still offers that familiar airy Ontario lakehouse feel. This is pulled off in large part by the work of local Parry Sound artists whose work is strewn throughout.

Of course, the canoes, hot tub, fire pit and the other extra recreational amenities we offer add to this effect.

All of these things work together to make this vacation rental by owner feel more like that Muskoka family cottage you’ve always had—or have been dreaming of.

At least we hope it does. We want you to feel at home and to make the Lakehouse your own during your visit.

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