Why We Love Spring at the Cottage

The warmer weather has begun its slow drift into cottage country. Glowing sunshine. Warm breezes. Melting Snow. The birds have begun their spring songs and it’s all just so refreshing to take in! Hibernation is ending and so the animals are waking up to the gorgeous weather, too. I think Old Man Winter might still have a few snowflakes up his sleeve, but nothing that can deter the smell of spring in the air.

We absolutely love going for family hikes in the spring, as do all of our guests. The soft, wet earth offers up the perfect conditions for our animal friends to leave their tracks behind! We lazily explore the woods around the lake house and find that some of the best boulders and cliffs are suddenly exposed in this beautiful season. These are perfect spots for those great family photos.

Our hike usually ends at destination DOCK. Sitting on the dock, coffee in hand, listening to the ice creak, melt and make way for summer fun is one of our favourite spring pastimes. Somehow the sun just feels warmer when you’re surrounded by a glistening sheet of ice!

A family campfire completes our day as we listen to the fire crack and watch the sparks fly into the crystal clear night! If we listen carefully we can sometimes hear the baby bunnies playing under the hot tub (where their mother insists on building a nest each year). Soon, after they build their courage and confidence, they’ll be hopping around the lakehouse gardens…so adorable!

After a quick soak in the hot tub we all curl up and fall soundly asleep in our comfy, cottage beds…hoping tomorrow will be just as wonderful!

And it usually is. Whether we experience the awakening of nature here at the lakehouse or make it over to a spot along the maple syrup trail, spring in Muskoka awakens the soul.

If you have already made reservations to join us this spring, we can’t wait to share it with you!

If you haven’t booked yet there are a few days remaining in April. Otherwise, make plans to join us next year….we book 12 months in advance.

Hope to see you at the lake!

Family Vacations 

Some of the best family memories are made while on vacation. 

“Remember that fish that got away” 

“What about when grandpa fell out if the canoe?” 

“Nothing will top feeding the chipmunk right out of my hand!” 

For our family a lot if those memories happened at the annual cottage vacation.  There’s something about  coming together as a family at the lake and surrounded by nature that automatically leads to good things. Growing up swatting at black flies, catching minnows in butterfly nets and building sand castles in the beach (never turning out quite as grand as one imagined with the first shovel!) somehow binds my childhood and theirs together…like we’ve lived the same experience somehow. 

Now that we live at the lake this is our daily experiences. But we would love to share them with you! The Lakehouse can be your family cottage that you escape to for a summer vacation. The extra bedrooms means no family members are left behind….and with our new pet friendly cabin your canine family(max2) can be part of the experience too. 

New cottages are always welcome too! Let us show you the ropes. We can help you start a campfire and show you which paddles go with which boat. If you want to give the cottage a try this summer in Muskoka then consider booking for our fesurured 3 Night stay July 26-29. Your large family or group can get a taste of cottage life…it just might make you come back for more!!


Vacationing in Ontario Cottage Country is a wildly rewarding experience. Kids of all ages (0-99) will love finding animal tracks and figuring out what they are. Spring is a great time to learn about animal tracks up at the lakehouse. The wet and muddy conditions help leave evidence behind of the animal guests that frequent the woods of Aikman Lake. Last week a HUGE wolf print was beautifully preserved in the mud. In the summer, be sure to inspect the edges of the lake to find tracks in the sand/edges of thirsty visitors.

Figuring out which tracks belong to which animal can be a challenge. Recently we got a wonderful resource “Wild Tracks” by Jim Arnosky. This adult and child-friendly book has clear,  lifesize photos of commonly seen tracks in Canadian Cottage Country. The book is a great size to bring on hikes or canoe adventures. The pages even flip & fold out so the track can be held up next to the photo for comparison! Deifnitely a great buy to throw in your suitcase on your way up to cottage country this summer.  You can pick up your own copy here!

track bookSo far the following wildlife tracks have been identified at or near the Lakehouse using this great book:








Often you can see the animal tracks and the actual wild animal while you are at the Lakehouse. This year we had the amazing gift of seeing a timber wolf  standing alone in the woods…almost like the cover of the book! Lately at night there has been some great howls heard echoing over the stillness of the lake waters in the peaceful, evening hours. You might forget you are just 2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario! click here to listen to a wolf yourself

Raccoon tracks are one of our favourite. The little hand prints are so adorable! You get to see the raccoons from time to time if you keep an eye out at night. One night, a racoon even stopped by to enjoy the campfire with guests. They were a little surprised at their uninvited friend but he behaved himself, checked out the fire and then headed back to the bush.

raccoon  black bear.jpg


The Lakehouse Moose remains elusive, even though moose tracks (not the ice cream!) are regularly seen at the northeast end of the lake! Take a quick 10 minute hike along the shore of the lake and you’re bound to see the evidence yourself. Not quite sure where to go, just ask Tom or Lori (onsite lakehouse owners) and we will point you in the right direction!

Bears are regularly seen about 1 km away from the cottage on Sundog Road. When you are driving up the long, winding road keep at eye out near #43…this seems to be where the bears love to cross the road!

Whatever animals you see while at the Lakehouse we know it will be a memorable experience that you will treasure with your family for years to come.

Hope to see you at the lake!




Ice Carousel

“You spin me right round, baby, right round”-Dead or Alive

I never thought I’d be singing this tune on the lake in February but this weekend at the Lakehouse we had the amazing experience of an Ice Carousel! What is an ice carousel? Well, it’s a GIANT floating piece of ice  that is propelled by an outboard motor to turn in circles on a frozen lake. If that isn’t cool enough then add a hot chocolate bar in the middle with music, muskoka chairs and a campfire and you just might have the most epic winter cottage moment ever.


It took our guests 10 hours of chainsawing the ice into a perfectly shaped circle. An outboard motor was then mounted a few feet within the now-free-floating centre circle. The free floating circle is initially propelled by pushing paddles/sticks against the fixed ice, once a good momentum is achieved the motor is started and takes over. It is a massive ice carousel! Approximately 20metres across, weighing in at 500,000 lbs, 1 full rotation takes about 2 minutes…totally cool experience! Drone Photos courtesy of Sonya Felsman iSparks Solutions

Check out the video that iSparks Solutions created here

Not only did the Ice Carousel propel us to new fun but it built memories, relationships and not to mention muscles! The Lakehouse has a habit of making moments and our guests, Erno & Priya, seem to take this as a challenge. We’re already looking forward to Ice Carousel version 2.0 in 2018!


Anticipate Adventure

Ready to feel the rush of a winter?  Do you remember that feeling as a kid? It’s still there as an adult! Our family has been enjoying winter fun right at the Lakehouse such as hot tubbing, sledding and snowshoeing. It’s been an adventure exploring the woods, searching for animal tracks and learning to identify the tracks we find. Yesterday we discovered Long Tailed Weasel  tracks . . . and the kids even saw it run  in the trees nearby. Deer, Coyote and Fox tracks are a common site on the driveway (which apparently the animals use as much as us!).

Don’t lose the feeling of anticipation this year. We have posted some special winter rates to ensure you and your family and friends can get away to enjoy the Lakehouse this winter.


Fireside Family Chats


There’s just something great about being outdoors with your family. We love sitting at the firepit and gazing at the stars above! We are loving the new outdoor lights too, as we can make a dash for the hot tub in all sorts of weather(and see where we are running!) and enjoy the view from safe inside the gazebo. Hopefully the next time you are up at the Lakehouse you will make some great memories in one of our favourite areas.

Summer Memories at the Lakehouse

Christmas is here and  hopefully you will enjoy some time with your family over the holidays. New memories will be made and others will be recalled. Maybe a few laughs about last summer at the cottage, who fell in the lake…or the canoe that tipped out Grandpa! So many great times at the lake. We still fondly remember “Chippy”…our first family chipmunk who actually would eat right out of our hand when visiting the cottage. Or what about the first time that one of our kids only wore 1 outfit all week long because her older cousin gave it to her as a hand me down. The infamous “cottage outfit” is part of our family forever.

It’s not too early to start thinking about summer time with your family and friends. The Lakehouse is a great place to get the whole family together… Grandparents, Kids and Grandchildren. There’s room for all of you to stay in comfort.

We hope to see you at the lakehouse next summer and we hope you have a great Christmas with your family!

Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours

Love The Aulds


Embrace Winter This Year

Canadians already love summer cottage rentals…but how about exploring what the cottage has to offer in the winter! Learning to embrace winter at the cottage offers you even more opportunity to escape the city and head to the lake for some true R&R.

Snowshoeing offers an amazing time of refreshing, not to mention a great cardio workout. Finding your way through the woods, unhindered by bushy trees and leaves that block your vision gives a feeling of accomplishment and adventure. Even though you know the land has been explored before you can’t help feel like you’re the first one here…after all those are your lone tracks behind you!

Outdoor Hot Tubbing in the winter has got to be a non-official Canadian Sport. Watching snow fall on the forest around you, while the steam quietly embraces you just feels good!  Sore muscles are soothed and great conversations are brewed in the hot tub. Wanting quality time with a friend or family member? Try this great “sport” together.

Hope to see you at the (frozen) Lake!

Christmas At The Cottage

Celebrate Christmas at the Cottage with your family, when you rent 1 or all 3 cottages at Aisling Lakehouse! There’s just something wonderful about being in the woods around Christmas. Towering pines that surround the lakehouse make you feel like the outdoors has been specially decorated for your stay…thankfully they stay up all year. The cottages are simply decorated for the Holidays. A cozy, fireplace ensures you are comfortable during the epic family fun that always takes place at the cottage.

The Moon and Starlit sky make your run to the outdoor hot tub a beautifully lit adventure. Snowshoe rentals can be arranged and in your cottage on arrival so you can fully explore the outdoors. See if you can find deer, moose, raccoon and squirrel tracks during your hike.

Everything at the cottage is ready…we’re just waiting on you! Book your stay today!

Bring on Winter!

Maybe it’s the Christmas decorations? Maybe the sudden need for the glow of the fireplace? Maybe it was the lake suddenly freezing over last week with a glassy finish that just begged to be skated on…. The last week has built my anticipation for winter cottage activities!

If you’ve ever thought about renting a cottage in the winter, then be sure to check out the 4 amazing all-inclusive retreats that we’ve planned for you! Winter cottaging at it’s best…even the hot chocolate is included!

This winter the Lakehouse is serving up 4 different retreats so that you can embrace all things Canadian…snowshoeing, exploring, relaxing in the outdoor hot tub (rolling in the snow on a dare!), curling, skiing, and more. Women get the most options…sorry boys….as 3 of the retreats cater just to them. The Women Winter Getaway will be a great long weekend with the perfect mix of activity and relaxation. The Active Women’s Winter Weekend is all ACTION…non stop…all weekend! Just Mom & Me 2017 focuses on the important relationship between mothers and their daughters. Looking for a co-ed getaway? The winter outdoor weekend is for gals and guys.  Adventure and Learning unite with a focus on the uniqueness of the Georgian Bay area.

Whatever you decide this winter,  there’s so many ways to embrace the upcoming winter wonderland.

Hope to see you at the Lake!