Why We Love Spring at the Cottage

The warmer weather has begun its slow drift into cottage country. Glowing sunshine. Warm breezes. Melting Snow. The birds have begun their spring songs and it’s all just so refreshing to take in! Hibernation is ending and so the animals are waking up to the gorgeous weather, too. I think Old Man Winter might still have a few snowflakes up his sleeve, but nothing that can deter the smell of spring in the air.

We absolutely love going for family hikes in the spring, as do all of our guests. The soft, wet earth offers up the perfect conditions for our animal friends to leave their tracks behind! We lazily explore the woods around the lake house and find that some of the best boulders and cliffs are suddenly exposed in this beautiful season. These are perfect spots for those great family photos.

Our hike usually ends at destination DOCK. Sitting on the dock, coffee in hand, listening to the ice creak, melt and make way for summer fun is one of our favourite spring pastimes. Somehow the sun just feels warmer when you’re surrounded by a glistening sheet of ice!

A family campfire completes our day as we listen to the fire crack and watch the sparks fly into the crystal clear night! If we listen carefully we can sometimes hear the baby bunnies playing under the hot tub (where their mother insists on building a nest each year). Soon, after they build their courage and confidence, they’ll be hopping around the lakehouse gardens…so adorable!

After a quick soak in the hot tub we all curl up and fall soundly asleep in our comfy, cottage beds…hoping tomorrow will be just as wonderful!

And it usually is. Whether we experience the awakening of nature here at the lakehouse or make it over to a spot along the maple syrup trail, spring in Muskoka awakens the soul.

If you have already made reservations to join us this spring, we can’t wait to share it with you!

If you haven’t booked yet there are a few days remaining in April. Otherwise, make plans to join us next year….we book 12 months in advance.

Hope to see you at the lake!