Family Vacations 

Some of the best family memories are made while on vacation. 

“Remember that fish that got away” 

“What about when grandpa fell out if the canoe?” 

“Nothing will top feeding the chipmunk right out of my hand!” 

For our family a lot if those memories happened at the annual cottage vacation.  There’s something about  coming together as a family at the lake and surrounded by nature that automatically leads to good things. Growing up swatting at black flies, catching minnows in butterfly nets and building sand castles in the beach (never turning out quite as grand as one imagined with the first shovel!) somehow binds my childhood and theirs together…like we’ve lived the same experience somehow. 

Now that we live at the lake this is our daily experiences. But we would love to share them with you! The Lakehouse can be your family cottage that you escape to for a summer vacation. The extra bedrooms means no family members are left behind….and with our new pet friendly cabin your canine family(max2) can be part of the experience too. 

New cottages are always welcome too! Let us show you the ropes. We can help you start a campfire and show you which paddles go with which boat. If you want to give the cottage a try this summer in Muskoka then consider booking for our fesurured 3 Night stay July 26-29. Your large family or group can get a taste of cottage life…it just might make you come back for more!!