Vacationing in Ontario Cottage Country is a wildly rewarding experience. Kids of all ages (0-99) will love finding animal tracks and figuring out what they are. Spring is a great time to learn about animal tracks up at the lakehouse. The wet and muddy conditions help leave evidence behind of the animal guests that frequent the woods of Aikman Lake. Last week a HUGE wolf print was beautifully preserved in the mud. In the summer, be sure to inspect the edges of the lake to find tracks in the sand/edges of thirsty visitors.

Figuring out which tracks belong to which animal can be a challenge. Recently we got a wonderful resource “Wild Tracks” by Jim Arnosky. This adult and child-friendly book has clear,  lifesize photos of commonly seen tracks in Canadian Cottage Country. The book is a great size to bring on hikes or canoe adventures. The pages even flip & fold out so the track can be held up next to the photo for comparison! Deifnitely a great buy to throw in your suitcase on your way up to cottage country this summer.  You can pick up your own copy here!

track bookSo far the following wildlife tracks have been identified at or near the Lakehouse using this great book:








Often you can see the animal tracks and the actual wild animal while you are at the Lakehouse. This year we had the amazing gift of seeing a timber wolf  standing alone in the woods…almost like the cover of the book! Lately at night there has been some great howls heard echoing over the stillness of the lake waters in the peaceful, evening hours. You might forget you are just 2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario! click here to listen to a wolf yourself

Raccoon tracks are one of our favourite. The little hand prints are so adorable! You get to see the raccoons from time to time if you keep an eye out at night. One night, a racoon even stopped by to enjoy the campfire with guests. They were a little surprised at their uninvited friend but he behaved himself, checked out the fire and then headed back to the bush.

raccoon  black bear.jpg


The Lakehouse Moose remains elusive, even though moose tracks (not the ice cream!) are regularly seen at the northeast end of the lake! Take a quick 10 minute hike along the shore of the lake and you’re bound to see the evidence yourself. Not quite sure where to go, just ask Tom or Lori (onsite lakehouse owners) and we will point you in the right direction!

Bears are regularly seen about 1 km away from the cottage on Sundog Road. When you are driving up the long, winding road keep at eye out near #43…this seems to be where the bears love to cross the road!

Whatever animals you see while at the Lakehouse we know it will be a memorable experience that you will treasure with your family for years to come.

Hope to see you at the lake!