Ice Carousel

“You spin me right round, baby, right round”-Dead or Alive

I never thought I’d be singing this tune on the lake in February but this weekend at the Lakehouse we had the amazing experience of an Ice Carousel! What is an ice carousel? Well, it’s a GIANT floating piece of ice  that is propelled by an outboard motor to turn in circles on a frozen lake. If that isn’t cool enough then add a hot chocolate bar in the middle with music, muskoka chairs and a campfire and you just might have the most epic winter cottage moment ever.


It took our guests 10 hours of chainsawing the ice into a perfectly shaped circle. An outboard motor was then mounted a few feet within the now-free-floating centre circle. The free floating circle is initially propelled by pushing paddles/sticks against the fixed ice, once a good momentum is achieved the motor is started and takes over. It is a massive ice carousel! Approximately 20metres across, weighing in at 500,000 lbs, 1 full rotation takes about 2 minutes…totally cool experience! Drone Photos courtesy of Sonya Felsman iSparks Solutions

Check out the video that iSparks Solutions created here

Not only did the Ice Carousel propel us to new fun but it built memories, relationships and not to mention muscles! The Lakehouse has a habit of making moments and our guests, Erno & Priya, seem to take this as a challenge. We’re already looking forward to Ice Carousel version 2.0 in 2018!