Embrace Winter This Year

Canadians already love summer cottage rentals…but how about exploring what the cottage has to offer in the winter! Learning to embrace winter at the cottage offers you even more opportunity to escape the city and head to the lake for some true R&R.

Snowshoeing offers an amazing time of refreshing, not to mention a great cardio workout. Finding your way through the woods, unhindered by bushy trees and leaves that block your vision gives a feeling of accomplishment and adventure. Even though you know the land has been explored before you can’t help feel like you’re the first one here…after all those are your lone tracks behind you!

Outdoor Hot Tubbing in the winter has got to be a non-official Canadian Sport. Watching snow fall on the forest around you, while the steam quietly embraces you just feels good!  Sore muscles are soothed and great conversations are brewed in the hot tub. Wanting quality time with a friend or family member? Try this great “sport” together.

Hope to see you at the (frozen) Lake!